Is the flooding in Ahwazi lands purposeful by the Tehran regime? & What is to be done?


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Title: The Persian problem; an examination of the rival positions of Russia and Great Britain in Persia, with some account of the Persian gulf and the Bagdad railway

Year: 1903 (1900s)

Authors: Whigham, Henry James, 1869-

Subjects: Baghdad Railway Eastern question (Central Asia)

Publisher: London Isbister

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lf, and the Shah, with his already failingprestige thus rudely shattered, might lose in amoment his control over the whole Persian littoralof the Gulf and Indian Ocean. How to get about from one place to another in thePersian Gulf in these days of rigid quarantine is aquestion to tax the ingenuity of a blockade-runner.Having enjoyed the hospitality of the Lawrence onher journey to Koweit, I was able to avail myself ofher partial immunity from quarantine at Basra, andspent the two days that were demanded of her bythe voracious Turkish health officer in the luxury ofher wardroom, which was a great deal better thanspending ten days on the wretched insanitaryquarantine island, which is the lot of every one whoarrives in Basra on board the British India mailsteamers. But even so I was not much nearerMohammerah, since I could not visit that port,which is only eighteen miles down the Shat-al-Arabon the opposite bank, without doing five daysquarantine on my return to Basra ; and this in spite

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DELTA OF THE SHAT-AL-ARAB 115 of the fact that there is no plague or infectiousdisease at all at Mohammerah, or at any other portin Persian territory. In reality the regulation is apure farce, since it is impossible to prevent nativesof the country going backwards and forwards by bellam, the Arabian counterpart of the gondola.Europeans, however, by their dress and their scarcityare almost bound to be caught, which makes theregulation even more absurd, since it is onlyoperative against Europeans, who hardly ever fallvictims to plague. Still, as I was a stranger in theplace, and less likely to be closely watched, I leftmost of my kit in Basra, and dropped down theriver to Mohammerah, trusting to luck to get backunobserved. When the time came I found the featof running the lines almost disappointingly simple.There are certain Arabs at Mohammerah who makea living out of conducting native passengers past theTurkish guards on the river to Basra. The Turkishsoldiers at the different guard-ho

Is the flooding in Ahwazi lands purposeful by the Tehran regime? & What is to be done? Irina Tsukerman

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