Right-to-Try Bionic Children. @AdamThierer @Mercatus.

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(Photo: A modern brain-controlled prosthetic hand and arm co-developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory and the Federal Drug Administration.)




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Right-to-Try Bionic Future. @adamthierer @mercatus.

“Two opposing viewpoints undergird the policy debate around the right to try: “precautionary principle” thinking and “permissionless innovation.” The “precautionary principle” seeks to minimize any and all potential risks through regulation, whereas the “permissionless innovation” mindset argues for trial-and-error experimentation with minimal restraint.

• The information revolution has dramatically increased the costs of a precautionary system, as illustrated by the hypothetical case of limiting 3-D–printed prosthetics. These prosthetics, which often provide life-changing benefits to their users, are medical devices in a traditional regulatory sense, but few people are going to the FDA and asking for permission or a “right to try” new 3-D–printed limbs. Banning the printers, the materials, the blueprints, or the sale of these prosthetics would be highly impractical and costly to enforce.

The rise of personalized medicine evidenced by the increasing use of genetic testing, wearable devices, and biohacking suggests that precautionary regulation will become increasingly impractical and undesirable as individuals seek to take advantage of these rapid technological developments.


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