#TheScalaReport: Prepping for the coming existential war on Big Tech. Chris Riegel, CEO Scala.com #ScalaAPS @STRATACACHE


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Ufa Magazine, Special Edition (1927)

Artist : Werner Graul (1905 - 1984)
Public domain

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#TheScalaReport: Prepping for the coming existential war on Big Tech. Chris Riegel, CEO Scala.com #ScalaAPS @STRATACACHE
EU Vestager vs Big Tech
“The things that we will be looking into is what kind of remedies come with the fine,” she told reporters in Brussels, after a confirmation hearing at the European Parliament.

USA Warren vs Big Tech

“It’s time to break up Amazon, Google and Facebook,” exclaims Warren in one of her many campaign proposals released in the last six months. “Nearly half of all e-commerce goes through Amazon”; it and the other two firms “squash small businesses and innovation, and substitute their own financial interests for the broader interests of the American people.”

Characteristically, Warren’s anti-corporate attacks combine identifiable corporate brands with insinuations that their existence is behind our gravest macroeconomic trends. In this case, Amazon is the Standard Oil of our age, one among a handful of bogeymen gobbling up the economy and stultifying its dynamism. In reality, online retail still accounts for only about 10 percent of the total retail market, and Amazon claims 37.7 percent of this portion, not “nearly half.” Meanwhile, in recent years Amazon has averaged over $20 billion in spending on research and development, more than any other company. That’s hardly the expected behavior of a monopolist sitting on its laurels and “squashing innovation.”

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