1/2 Fly me to the Moon – unless Congress is a pinchpenny; with Robert Zimmerman, behindtheBlack.com


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Image: Io, moon of Jupiter, NASA. Public domain.
Fifty years ago, Moon landing. Now, we’re all going to die in 11-1/2 years according to Democratic politicians. . . . None of the old predictions has been right. Temperatures and water levels have been more or less static for twenty years. Greenland’s glaciers are not shrinking – have been recovering for about five years. The science is not “settled” – science is never settled.
Vikram, India’s first attempt to land on the Moon, but lost contact near the surface.
Bouncing boulders on Comet 67P.
Io, moon of Jupiter, has volcanoes that erupt; one is scheduled to erupt soon. Snowstorm on Saturn, Enceledus. Eclipse on Saturn.
The fire that debilitated China’s launches for the next two years: Chinese regularly steal initial designs then upgrade them. It’s possible that someone fed them inaccurate information: they may have stolen designs that were purposely intended not to work.

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