The John Campea Podcast Episode 51 - Captain America in Small Roll In Infinity War


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On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 51, recorded Sunday July 2nd 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 1:35 Charleston Thomas - I remember 3 months ago when Chris Evans was interviewed by Ellen, he said that he'd start shooting his part of Infinity War in May. But Infinity War has been shooting since January or February. So my question is, do you think Chris Evans has a small role in Infinity War? 5:20 Matej Viher - With many movies now taking inspirations from the same parts of history (WW2) or legends (Arthurian legend), do you believe that at some point Hollywood will explore other lesser known events. Personally I'd love to see the siege of Szigetvar put to the big screen. 9:50 Joseph Powell - Hey John been watching your show from the amc days and this is my first question, do you think Jared Leto's performance as the joker was so poorly received because of his inability to portray the character or was it David Ayers inability to get the best out of him as a director? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. 13:05 Christopher O'Neal - With the great success WB is getting with the Lego movies and the fact that WB owns the rights to Harry Potter, what do you think the chances of getting a Harry Potter Lego movie? Thanks for taking my question and keep up the great work! 16:04 Scott Ring - Do you think Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm will directly address the Han Solo Film Director Controversy at D23 and if so what do you think the best move would be? 20:25 James Raynard - I was wondering if you would see a possibility of there being another movie about Jim Morrison/The Doors being made? 21:28 Michael Alfredson - With the Last Jedi coming out in December, many of us fanboys are of course waiting to see a big moment from Luke. Would you prefer a single but lengthy moment where we get to see how powerful he has become or would you prefer to see him use his skills throughout the film on more than one occasion?

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