AMA EP #19 How Do You Bounce Back From Sexual Abuse?


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Hi Guys Lots of coaching this week hence the shuffle around of the usual release date. One of the clients I was working with this week was a former Jehovah witness witness who escaped the cult several years ago. He was refereed from a previous client who just so happens to be his uncle that was also part of the same faith. After working with the uncle who is now happily married and also a proud father. He did the did the right thing and put my name forward to his nephew to help him make the necessary changes within his internal structure to allow him to have more enjoyable experiences with women and people in general. This is not the first time I have worked with individuals from the Jehovah witness faith - there have been many! What made this case quite interesting was the fact that he was actually sexually abused within the organisation from a more senior individual. The client had already began working through these issues later on in his life. Some of the actions I share with you within the podcast. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse myself and my team can help you regain and develop your core confidence. You are not alone in your journey. Topics covered this week: - My clients tips to bounce back from being sexually abused at a young age - What I think of speed dating - What to do if the lady comes on a bit too strong prior to the date - What’s my top 5 night-clubs to meet women for a guy coming from another country? - My thoughts on the ego - Whats my take on Brazil? - How to manage expectations from one an other in a relationship Whats my favourite city? - Have I ever found my self too intelligent for women to the extent that they find you weird? - What country have you had the most success in meeting women? - Can you mess up a conversation by being too logical? - With all the coaching and how busy I am, how do I fit in time for my own personal life? - What advise do I have for guys in the #metoo error? - What age was my youngest student? - How to have a deep and meaningful conversation Remember guys, every Tuesday at 22:45 GMT I go live to answer your questions on my instagram. Head on over and join the broadcast @LondonDatingCoach See you next week Johnny

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