275: The Case of the Mysterious Hotel Panties | Feedback Friday


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Your fiance travels and stays in hotels at different locations every week for work. The other day, you found black Victoria's Secret panties in your laundry. The thing it, you don't wear Victoria's Secret. So you approached him and said, "I need help understanding how this is in our belongings." He said this is a truly unfortunate situation because he doesn't know how it got there. You closely watched him for any signs that would alarm you as hints of lying. You found none. Is there any surefire way to know if a significant other is cheating beyond what amounts to circumstantial evidence? We'll try to unlock this and more on the latest Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Interested in doing some prison time with Jordan next February? It’s filling up fast; reach out to prison@jordanharbinger.com for details!
  • A mysterious pair of panties that don't belong to you showed up in your laundry after your fiance returned from a business trip. He says he has no idea how they got there. Is there a surefire way to tell if he's been cheating and lying?
  • You're a single dad who shares equal custody of a five-year-old son. His mom and new husband have offered the option to stay in a trailer on their property. You all get along great and this would be convenient for everyone, but is it an appropriate arrangement?
  • As a leader in the workplace, you helped someone you thought was an amazing employee get promoted. Now you find that this person is mocking you behind your back and taking sick days once a month. You went to bat for this person and you feel betrayed. What now?
  • You've been using techniques in Six-Minute Networking for talking to strangers, but what can you do when people aggressively try to shut down a conversation? Should you just call it a loss, cut bait, and move on, or try to break the dam a different way?
  • You broke up with your girlfriend of four years because she started having feelings for another woman. Neither of you want this, but you're not able to continue loving her and only her knowing that she doesn't love you and only you back. Where do you go from here?
  • You're worried that your significant other's negativity is rubbing off on you; your social life is suffering and you haven't felt like yourself lately. Even though you still care about them, you feel breaking up is the best way to give them the time and space they need. But how?
  • You just started a new career. You want to start off strongly, but you already feel intimidated and think perhaps you have a little imposter syndrome. What...

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