278: My Mother Lied about Our Father's Death | Feedback Friday


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When you were kids, you and your brother moved to the other side of the country with your mother and stepfather not long after your parents divorced. You never saw your father again, and believed your mother when she said that he and his mother -- your grandmother -- had died. Fast forward to now. You and your brother are adults, and he's got a bombshell to drop: your grandmother is still alive, and your father only recently passed away. Feeling betrayed, you've pieced together your mother and stepfather's systematic strategy to estrange you from your dad's side of the family (who, by the way, tried to find you over that time without success) -- and you're angry. You feel robbed of the time you could have spent with them, and you're wondering how you should raise the issue with your mother -- or if you should. This is obviously a sensitive situation, but we'll do our best to help you with this and more on the latest Feedback Friday.

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Full show notes and resources can be found here: https://jordanharbinger.com/278.

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Interested in doing some prison time with Jordan next February? It’s filling up fast; reach out to prison@jordanharbinger.com for details!
  • When you have to cover for your kid's friend's expenses on a movie and pizza night because his mom neglected to provide him with any cash, is it wrong for you to expect his mother to recompensate you for those expenses even though she works two jobs and says you look like you can afford it?
  • Your 80-year-old grandmother insists on bringing your bedridden and nonverbal father home instead of putting him in a place where he can get the constant care he needs. Putting your grandmother's strong will aside, what's the most responsible call to make here?
  • As kids, you and your brother moved across the country with your mom when your parents divorced. Until recently, you never saw your dad's side of the family again because, your brother recently discovered, your mom lied about your father and your grandmother's deaths. How do you confront your mother -- or should you?
  • You have a serious case of wanderlust. You have no debt, no children, and above average savings. But your friends and family look at you like you're insane whenever you mention leaving a job you love in order to travel. You know that the amazing experiences will be worth it, but can't help but wonder: are you crazy?
  • You work in an incredibly cutthroat sales company where only 10%-15% of employees hired retain their employment, and you're in that top 15%. But you don't love your job and only stick around because you've got the "golden handcuffs" to keep you tethered. You're an underperforming...

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