287: How to Stop Taking Feedback So Personally | Feedback Friday


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You find criticism somewhat punishing rather than productive -- especially when it's given by people you love. So how can you stop taking feedback so personally? We'll explore this and more on the latest Feedback Friday!

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Full show notes and resources can be found here: https://jordanharbinger.com/287

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • How should we refer to our listener base?
  • Is there a reason to share your salary with anyone else?
  • Is it your imagination that there's tension between you and the only other woman in the office?
  • As a business owner, how should you respond to competition fishing for pricing?
  • How do you find hangout buddies?
  • What can you do to help your boss step up as the leader you need him or her to be?
  • Are extremely confident people drawn to jobs like teaching? Or is it the job that brings out the best in people?
  • How do you keep contacts in your network from going cold?
  • How should you stop taking feedback so personally -- especially when it's given by the people you love?
  • Life Pro Tip: Compliment people on what you want them to be, even if they may not live up to it yet. Because when people hear themselves referred to in a certain way, they’ll be motivated to act more that way.
  • Recommendation of the Week: Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (And advice: Don't believe everything you see in any documentary. Always do some follow-up research before treating it as gospel!)
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