513: Charlamagne Tha God | The Opportunities of Black Privilege


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Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) is a radio presenter (The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM), television personality (Uncommon Sense Live), podcaster (The Brilliant Idiots), and author of Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It. [Note: this is a previously broadcast episode from the vault. For our most recent interview with Charlamagne, check out Episode 171: Charlamagne Tha God | Turning the Tables on Fear and Anxiety!]

What We Discuss with Charlamagne Tha God:

  • What transformed Lenard McKelvey from Moncks Corner, South Carolina into Charlamagne Tha God?
  • How Charlamagne went from selling crack in a small town to becoming a radio and television personality — and now author.
  • Why the moment you think you can’t transcend your circumstances — whatever they may be — is the moment you won’t.
  • How Charlamagne reframed his background to become an advantage rather than a hindrance.
  • Why it’s important not to live someone else’s expectations — and how to figure out when expectations are actually your own.
  • And much more...

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