I Blame Social Media for The Division


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Being divisive makes you go viral. That fiery soundbite, that hot take, is what gets likes.

Because everyone has an opinion about it and feels the need to comment on it.

If everyone agrees, nobody cares and you don’t get the likes and attention on social media

We’re incentivized with likes to be divisive. Conditioned, even, without our even realizing it. Hate gets clicks.

It’s this that makes me wonder if the invention of social media is a crime against humanity.

Our brains are not meant to handle this. People live their entire lives through a screen, spending hours, or even the majority of their day on their phones. People derive their entire sense of self from their Instagram profiles.

And we’re only in the first 10 years of this worldwide experiment!

Instagram has only been around since 2010. Facebook and Twitter just a few years longer. And look at how our behavior on these platforms has devolved over time and how it is affecting our lives. We're losing friends, sometimes family members, because of our divisive political postings.

We can do better, and we need to do better.

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