Sue Rusalen, Founder of Hygiene Hackers


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Thank you to our special guest, Sue Rusalen, retired hygienist and Founder of Hygiene Hackers.

Sue is helping dental teams elevate their level of patient care with the latest in science, technology and client communications training.

Hygiene Hackers shows dental practices how to elevate patient care, create 90% plus retention and escalate production using their Dental Hygiene Department.
For more information on Hygiene Hackers, go to the website at
If you would like to contact Sue directly, send her an email at
or go to her website:
The Facebook Group Sue mentioned is the Hygiene Hackers Group.
Sue recommended the book, Hygiene Superstar by Mike Czubiak, DDS and Steve Sperry. Go HERE to get your copy.
To listen and subscribe to the Hygiene Superstar Podcast, go HERE.
Sue very kindly offered all listeners the e-book, Dentistry That Changes Lives - The road less travelled by Thomas Larkin, DDS. HERE IS THE LINK.
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