Our Roomba Was Covered in Hair! - War of the Roses


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Rachel and Chris have dated for the past years and two of those years they have lived together. When Rachel was in Nashville for a Bachelorette party she didn’t hear anything from Chris, so she thought he was giving her space, but when Rachel came back from the trip she saw that a ton of blonde hair was stuck inside their Roomba, but both Rachel and Chris have brown hair. There was also a long earring stuck inside too. Rachel told Chris that she sent the Roomba in for repairs, but she actually held onto it so we pretend to be customer service reps for the vacuum to try and see what caused the Roomba to malfunction. When we ask Chris who else had been over in the past week he says his cousin Stacy was over. Rachel immediately fires back and claims he doesn’t have a cousin Stacy! Find out what‘s going on in all new War of the Roses!

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