She Thought I Was Too Rude To People - Ghosted!


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When Alana and Chris used to date they had a great relationship and they each treated each other with a ton of respect. However, at the end of their relationship Alana was noticing that Chris would get super-angry and mad when he was talking to anyone else on the phone. This is the main reason Alana ghosted him. Turns out that Chris wanted to do a Ghosted on Alana, but when Alana found out she called us first to give us a heads up. We call Chris pretending to be telemarketers to justify if Alana had a good reason to ghost him or not. After Chris flips out, we reveal that Alana told us about him wanting to do a ghosted and it’s a complete 180! Chris says he does this to get rid of telemarketers, but we’re not so convinced. Find out who our listeners side with and more on today’s all NEW Ghosted!

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