Episode 159: Behind the Scenes Creating the Do Less Planner


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I’m the kind of person who sometimes isn’t sure what she thinks until I’m talking to someone else. Not because I’m looking for their opinion or reaction, but because I’m an external processor and there’s something about being witnessed that helps me understand myself better.

Last week Mike and I sat down to talk about something that I’ve been working on since November 2016 that’s finally ready for the world. Until I sat there in our basement with my love and partner in all of the things listening to me, I didn’t really get the magnitude of what I’ve been working on.

I finally realized what a big deal this creation is for me—but also how much potential it has to be a big deal for women all over the world.

Here’s what I’ve found:

When we strike out to make things with the purpose that they become a big deal (or with the purpose that they make us a big deal), they often fall flat or are somehow unsustainable.

When we make the things that are so much an expression of ourselves that we cannot help but make them, even if it’s slowly and quietly in the privacy of our own minds or closets (where I get some of my best ideas), they’re often the things that end up being the biggest deal.

This week on The Kate & Mike Show, we’re taking you behind the scenes in the making of the brand-new Do Less Planner, and in the episode you’ll hear me acknowledge how major this thing that I made for you is.

You’ll also hear:

• The things about producing our first digital product that have been trickier than we expected (nothing is ever all rainbows and unicorns)

• How this planner will change your relationship to time, your body, your work, and your worth (I know it’s a big promise but I stand by it)

• How this planner came to be with some really important nuggets for anyone making anything, digital or physical

• What the elements of my planner system are and how you can use the insights behind them to get better results with less stress

• Why this planner has the potential to revolutionize your experience of life

After you’ve listened in, I’d love to hear from you:

What did you hear in this episode that was a new perspective on time and planning for you? How will you implement it in your life?

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as proud of something that’s come out of me other than my two girls as I am about the Do Less Planner. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing it with you now.

You can get your own copy of Do Less and still receive incredible bonuses at http://katenorthrup.com/book! Kate wants to hear from you, and you can post about your #DoLess experiences on Instagram, DM her (@katenorthrup) or email info@katenorthrup.com.

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