The Medicine Is Inside Us: How This Doctor Has Built A Thriving Online Business Teaching Healing Through Mindfulness


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So many people who are healers go on to medical school because they want to live out their dream of helping people. But then they discover some of the things that are broken about our medical system, and they don't know where to channel their healing passion. That was the case with Sophie Maffolini, who practices medicine for part of the year in the Arctic and lives between Montreal and Brazil the rest of the year. When she discovered mindfulness to heal her eating disorder and anxiety, a whole new world opened up for her, and she knew she needed to bring this healing to others. Harnessing the power of online business, Sophie has created an impressive business online teaching mindfulness, and it's now making as much as her medical practice. Listen in to hear how this 2019 Origin Incubator member learned to tap into her own intuition to grow the business of her dreams and do the true healing work she's come here to do.

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