11. Future-Proof Yourself with John Sanei


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John Sanei is a best-selling author, futurist and keynote speaker who helps brands across the globe to build the mental approach needed to make tomorrow more abundant than they ever thought possible.

During this episode, John and Kevin discuss the future and the need for disruptive innovation. Learn how companies and individuals can become adaptable to the fast-changing world. Listen to the end to hear the latest future predictions you can apply to your life, today!


Time Stamps:

  • 02:20 - Guest background and introduction: John Sanei
  • 05:32 - Consumers have different needs in mature and emerging markets
  • 09:32 - "If you stop chasing and you just fix yourself and fix your own way of thinking, you don't ever need to chase anything, you can have things magnetize towards you." - John Sanei
  • 10:13 - Most businesses are driven by fear
  • 13:37 - Transition from the industrial world to the quantum world
  • 14:40 - "The future doesn't want us to be linear, it needs us to be adaptable." - John Sanei
  • 17:55 - Why all businesses need disruptive innovation
  • 20:47 - Understanding of success is going to change in the future
  • 26:42 - Predictions of the future

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