7. Hypergrowth Your Sales with Jack Daly


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Jack Daly is a CEO coach and author of several books on company growth and sales: Hyper Sales Growth and The Sales Playbook. Jack has also completed a dozen full Ironman triathlon races, he ran 95 marathons, in eight countries, on five continents, and made team USA in 2012.

During this episode, you will understand the secret of how a company can achieve hypergrowth. Be prepared to hear Jack talking about what makes a great salesperson and how to build the right team. Listen to the end to learn how to create a winning culture inside the company.


Time Stamps:

  • 01:40 - Jack Daly’s introduction and background
  • 06:45 - “If you don’t have a playbook in your organization, by default, it means that every salesperson is doing it their own way.” — Jack Daly
  • 07:48 - What makes a successful salesperson?
  • 08:37 - “More than 50% of sales person’s time in most companies is spent on things that have nothing to do with winning new customers and growing the ones you have.” — Jack Daly
  • 10:26 - Should you hire an experienced salesperson or grow your own?
  • 11:26 - “The biggest mistake is to take the best sales person and make him a sales manager / sales coach. It rarely works” - Jack Daly
  • 13:54 - When a company grows, should the owner step down as sales person and focus on managing the company?
  • 16:28 - What to do when top sales stuff doesn’t want to follow new structure
  • 18:51 - Talking about the success of Jack Daly’s clients
  • 21:55 - How sales process is changed by new technologies
  • 22:54 - Jack talks about his personal experience is marathons & ironman races

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