9. Tariffs - Understanding the Global Trade War


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Barrett Bingley is an experienced international executive with a focus on growth and commercial success. Ben Yeung is the executive director at Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd.

During this episode, Ben and Barret will discuss the current situation of the global trade war. Find out how it affects the global economy, including the USA, China, Europe and SE Asian countries. Learn ways to cope with the trade war as an operator.


Time Stamps:

  • 01:44 - Guest background and introduction: Barrett, Ben
  • 03:01 - What is a Tariff? Who pays the tax?
  • 06:56 - “Tariffs hurt everyone. Everyone will pay the price for a trade war.” - Ben Yeung
  • 10:29 - Are tariffs an effective tool? Will countries adjust overtime?
  • 16:18 - How the election plays a role in the strength of a country
  • 18:50 - The effects of TPP on all parts of the world
  • 22:24 - Coping with the trade war as an operator. What can you do?
  • 34:13 - Understanding the de minimis tax rule

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