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+++ THE MOMENT +++

The moment when their lives change forever.

The moment when their world turn upside down.

The moment when the thing you feared the most happened to them.

What do you do?

How do you lead yourself and those are going through these experiences? Is there a protocol? Are there steps one can follow? Is it possible to guide those in pain, in shock, in disbelief, in ________? (fill in the blanks)

Here are 5 don'ts:

  1. Don't rush to judgment
  2. Don't say, "If I were you I would ..."
  3. Don't act in words or deeds, too quickly
  4. Don't blame
  5. Don't be self-serving and be an opportunist

Instead follow these 5 Steps To Effectively Lead Through Crisis And Change

  1. Inspire Hope
  2. Tailor Help
  3. Reframe Narrative
  4. Create Community of Support
  5. Gradually Release

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