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+++ IT'S MAGICAL +++

It's aahmazing what can happen when we truly accept ourselves through and through, flaws and all.

But to do so requires that we become honest with ourselves by asking and answering that one question as our guest - Oleg Lougheed - discusses on today's show.

When we as leaders become honest with our own struggles, disappointments, and pain, we create a connecting point with the people we lead. They will see us as people who hurt and bleed just as they do.

These are some of the topics you'll hear discussed on this show.

About our Guest - Oleg Lougheed

  • My start in life was inauspicious.
  • At 9 years old, I relinquished my parents' rights and entered a Russian orphanage.
  • At 12 years old, I decided to be adopted into a new family, in a new country, halfway across the world, to start my new life.
  • At 24 years old, I began my journey of helping others live the life they have always dreamed of, despite their hardships and misfortunes by allowing them to recognize the uniqueness and worth within their own story.

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