3 Steps to stopping self abuse Mar2017


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In this episode of 'The Secrets to Health' we explore the theme of how being hard on oneself is symptomatic of deep feelings of low self worth which result from childhood neglect and abuse, and the 3 top things we must do to turn self neglect and abuse into self love and self nurturing.

The child who experiences love, validation, nurturing, support and cherishing will grow up feeling good about themselves. They will feel worthy, valued, confident, empowered and positive. This in turn will lead to happiness, good health, healthy relationships, financial and career success.

The child who grows up experiencing abuse, neglect and rejection will self-reject, self-harm and self-neglect. They will feel unworthy of receiving love, success, abundance and happiness. This in turn leads to chronic unhappiness, depression, anxiety, illness, eating disorders and more.


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