The 5 Keys to Emotional Freedom


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If you are serious about transcending negative emotions so you no longer experience emotional ups and downs, this training will teach you the 5 essential steps to emotional freedom.

What you will learn and do in this episode:
  • Two guided visualization self-reflection exercises to assess where are you now compared to where you would like to be
  • The real root cause of life problems and how emotions keep you stuck like you're in a 'groundhog day movie'
  • How emotions are often the root cause of unhappiness, illness, relationship problems etc
  • The difference between what is 'natural and unnatural', and how living out of harmony with the natural laws and rhythms of life create problems
  • The 5 keys to emotional freedom and 7 levels of emotional mastery to reach authentic emotional freedom
  • The 3 most common behaviours which keep you stuck and keep the 'same old same old' issues and challenges turning up in your life
  • Signs and symptoms of unhealthy emotions and behaviours which lead to disatisfaction and problems
  • The solutions to coming unstuck emotionally

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