The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Symptoms


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Most people have no idea of the dramatic effect emotions (e-motions) play in their life until they discover the root cause of their ‘dis-ease’, unhappiness and life problems lie in unresolved childhood emotional pain. In this session we discuss the emotional cause of chronic health conditions and how you can self-heal without external intervention.


  • Why emotional self-mastery is an essential stepping stone to success, happiness and good health
  • The role emotions play in causing symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – you will be stunned and relieved to know this!
  • How and why it is not only possible, but natural, to be completely free of negative emotions
  • A mini experience of what it feels like to experience an open heart, one of the pre-requisites for true health and wellbeing, as well as authentic connection with self and others

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