121 - Carnivore Diet - Eating Nose to Tail with Paul Saladino


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Joining us today is Dr. Paul Saladino the leading authority on the carnivore diet. In this episode we dive into what made Dr. Saladino go carnivore, why plants may NOT be the best source of nutrients and best practices for exclusively eating meat.

If you want to dive deeper into the carnivore lifestyle make sure to tune into Dr. Saladino on the The Fundamental Health Podcast.

Time Stamps

  • What got him into the carnivore lifestyle and what was his nutrition like before? [1:34]
  • How plants may be interfering with your human biology. [8:10]
  • Why autoimmune diseases are created by the things we are putting in our mouths. [14:50]
  • The concept and importance of eating nose to tail. [18:54]
  • What do testicles and brains taste like? [31:33]
  • The sigma behind red meat being bad for you. [36:45]
  • Unpacking your bowel movements on the carnivore diet. [40:59]
  • Why he is a HUGE proponent of continuous glucose monitors (CGM). [49:58]
  • NOT all calories are created the same. [1:00:00]
  • What meat does he stay away from? [1:03:54]
  • Does eating red meat make you “high?” [1:05:24]

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