The Importance of Sunlight, Sleep and How to Hack Your Environment with Joovv Red Light Therapy


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Light is a big part of our overall health. Light helps give your cells the energy they need to release ATP, produce collagen, and form new capillaries. But how many of us use light for more than to see where we are going?

In this episode of The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, Kris sits down with Wes and Scott from Joovv, a company dedicated to enhancing your health with light therapy. They have created red light panels you can have in your own to use everyday. The effectiveness of red light therapy has been studied around the world and has shown that it may improve skin health, reduce joint pain, aid in fat loss, muscle recovery, improve thyroid function, increase testosterone, and much much more.

Tune in to hear Joovv’s story and how red light therapy may benefit you.


3:00 Joovv’s story - how they got started

6:57 Differences between an infra red sauna and red light therapy

  • Sauna delivers mid and far infra red wave lengths (goal is to produce heat stress in your body)
  • Red light therapy delivers near infra red wave lengths (red and near infra-red help your cells produce more energy)

9:50 How red light therapy benefits skin

  • Stimulates fIber blasts to produce more collagen

11:40 Why most people use Joovv

  • Skin health
  • Reduction of joint pain and inflammation
  • Fitness and training - enhanced muscle recovery and performance

17:38 How to use red light therapy

  • Expose the area you want to treat for 10 minutes.23:00 What studies are showing in regards to red light’s affect on athletic performance and recovery

30:00 Why you should stay away from blue light at night and an easy solution to light at night

33:46 How deep does red light penetrate our skin?

38:00 What kind of people benefit from red light therapy?


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