Balancing House and Home with Laurie Halter


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Laurie Halter, CEO of Charisma! Communications and host of Carearing, joins the KPI Cafe to talk about creating a balanced work and home life. As an entrepreneur herself, Laurie brings plenty of perspective from her own experiences, but she also leverages conversations with other industry leaders to further the discussion and provide concrete examples. Throughout this episode, you'll hear insights on myriad ways to not sacrifice your career or family time: routines versus spontaneity; staying connected when traveling or working long hours; what companies can do to be competitive to bring in and keep talent.
So many in automotive retail live the entrepreneurial life. Whether you're on the floor as a salesperson or in the office as a General Manager or Dealer Principal, this episode has plenty of insights to help all of us do better with managing our home and work responsibilities.
Here's what you can expect:
5:30 Introduction of Laurie Halter

  • Owner of Charisma! Communications
  • Host of Carearing Podcast

6:07 Laurie Halter's Automotive Origin Story

  • Chrome Data

8:20 What Does It Mean to "Have It All"?

  • Doing What You Want, But Not at Once

9:34 Why Do Women Often Feel Overwhelmed Their Goals?

  • Traditional Roles
  • Inherent Guilt

11:22 Setting Up Today's Content
11:47 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Plan a Balanced Work Life

  • Scheduled Time
  • Establishing Space / Boundaries

14:35 Routine vs. Spontaneity

  • Daily Needs
  • New Pursuits

16:48 How Smaller Companies Can Compete to Bring on Experienced Professionals

  • Flexibility

19:21 Ways to Stay Connected to Family When Traveling

  • Amy Hughes Example

22:04 Diving into Carisma Communications

  • Public Relations for Automotive Industry
  • Digital Content Producer

23:37 Most Poignant Takeaways from Carearing, Laurie's Podcast

  • Giving and Guilt
  • Perspective on Enjoying Career

28:26 Diving into the Carearing Podcast

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