Ep. 299: Bubble Ball Basics (Thoughts on the NBA's Return, the new Playoff Format, & Our Most Intriguing Lakers Questions)


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WE ARE BACK! ...Somewhat...Maybe? Possibly? We'll see?

All we know is - Goofy and Donald Duck double-teams in the post or not, this is at least the CLOSEST we've gotten in the last 3 months to any sort of signs that basketball, the NBA, and the Lakers may be returning. So..."we", as the Lakers Legacy Podcast, are back (kinda) to talk about it!

Episode Outline:

  • Quarantine Catch-Up Ice Breaker: The Fellas talk about what they've been up to the last 10 years - I mean, 3 months.
  • Reactions to the NBA Returning & The Proposed Playoff Format
  • Potential Questions & Concerns About the Weird, New Basketball
  • How Do the Lakers Approach "the last 8 games" of their Regular Season, rotation-wise?
  • Does Home-Court Advantage (or lack thereof) affect the Lakers in any way?
  • What Quirks Could Arise that Hurt or Help the Lakers In Unexpected ways?
  • Which Lakers Players & Angles are we most interested in monitoring when/if the NBA returns to play?

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