Land Of Pod - Ep 5- Alien invasions, bathroom questions and stop picking on Batfleck


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waken in a dark room, your guide is there and all she can do is stare with dead eyes at you, whispering "This is how you get bugs, discovering new planets is how you get bugs...." Come, Player 2, it's a little later than usual, but it's time to travel once more to the Land of Pod. This week, Logan, Nightwing and the two comics you need in your life. Then it's off to an observatory to hear your guide's case for why the discovery by Nasa means everyone is doomed. And that question, the one everyone is asking- What does geekery have to say about trans people using bathrooms? Nightwing News: Heathen- Dark Crystal- That lovely lady, Jordan from Axis of Awesome: Follow her here: @JordanRasko . She's geeky as hell and you need her humour in your life. And of course the bard is right here..... She'll tell you a story soon-

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