LoP - S2 E1- Kevin Smith is alive, Black Panther is super good and so is the new FMA Live Action


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You awaken in a room familiar, but the memory is faded...How long has it been since your trip to this land....Your guide stares at you in disbelief...."You came BACK?!" -Kevin Smith is ALIVE, Tommy Wiseau has a new film and Gail Simone and Roxane Gay should totally write the new Batgirl script. Also leave Michael B Jordan alone, he's a lovely weeb and we will not hear a bad word about him. -Trashfires in geekery make a slight appearance. Then it's off to....probably not Wakanda, we would not be allowed in there. Want to know more about Black Panther and WHY it's so important? Here's Chadwick Boseman talking about Black Panther- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6p9L_-Nfwg Jolie A. Doggett writing about Black Panther- https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/opinion-doggett-wakanda-racism_us_5a901b35e4b01e9e56baef3e It's also important to check out the costumes in this film so.... http://www.dailypress.com/news/education/dp-nws-black-panther-hampton-university-costume-designer-20180222-story.html The Star Trek Discovery gets a mention because you know you've been wanting to hear the ramblings of someone who didn't even WATCH the new series of Battlestar Galatica, but decided they wouldn't like it because anxiety. Then to finish it all off(if you get that far, plot twist, that's not a Star Fleet vessel your guide got you onto)....What you should be watching... Black Lightning!!!! Here's that link as promised- https://www.ted.com/talks/jamila_lyiscott_3_ways_to_speak_english , Full Metal Alchemist the Live Action and A Wrinkle In Time.

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