EP. 217- Entrepreneurship and Weight loss [Managing your many responsibilities while also prioritizing yourself]


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Women are socialized to believe they shouldn't invest in themselves.

Their kids? yes. Their families? yes. Their businesses? yes. Their communities? yes.

Themselves, just because they want to? nope.

Society tells us: that's selfish. that's a waste. that's vain.

But here's my take on it: A women's body image, her relationship with herself, her body, with food... impacts ALL aspects of her life.

Not only is it NOT a 'waste' or 'silly' to invest your time and energy to uplevel this area of your life, IMO: IT'S PRICELESS.

Listen in to todays episode, as I chat with my client Andrea. Andrea is a successful life coach and entrepreneur that felt empowered and like a total #boss in ALL other areas of her life, except this area (food, weight).

She shares how she was able to finally be done struggling with food and weight. Now, this part of her life feels totally ON HER OWN TERMS, easy and even fun!

And guess what? Creating that change, meant she had to give herself permission to invest in HER.

If you are someone that has been able to feel successfully in so many areas of your life- except this one (especially if you're an entrepreneur!) You gotta check out this episode.

It's jam-packed with value and tons of gems for you, so that YOU can also continue to feel empowered in your own journey-


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