EP. 230- Swimsuit Mindset & ProTips with Master Style Coach Judith Gaton


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In this SPECIAL EDITION episode I'm joined by Judith Gaton- Master Style Coach and expert, to address ALL your swimsuit questions & woes!

We talk about: -Swimsuit Bodies -Swimsuit Confidence Mindset -Practical shopping recommendations -Style Pro Tips

Anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about how the heck to actually ENJOY swimsuit shopping, FIND what you're looking for that MEETS YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and (very importantly) HOW TO OWN IT once you've made your purchase (...yes, sister!)

We believe that EVERY BODY is a 'swimsuit body' & we teach you how any woman from anywhere can strut whatever bathing suit she puts on her body WITH UNAPOLOGETIC CONFIDENCE.

It's all here. LISTEN NOW

psst... Wanna learn more from Judith?!She's created the Ultimate Swimsuit Guide for you HERE - http://www.judithgaton.com/swim

xo Brenda

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