112 - Fight or Flight


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The party attempts to infiltrate Gard's area of the Arcanium to retrieve the Fireshield Key. The Floor is Lava may have been a fun game when we were kids, but our adventurers discover that it's no laughing matter when we mean it literally. What exactly will our adventurers find in Gard's domain? Will they be able to get in and out with the key no problem? Or will they spark a battle that will inevitably lead to some sick burns? Find out on this week's episode of The Last Refuge.

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  • Druid’s Grove - Maiden of the Wild - Score by Marc Cholette
  • Expedition - Folkvangr - Score by Alexander Nakarada
  • Prophecy of Scale - Lair of the Gorgon - Score by Anxo Martinez Calvo

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