Minicast Exclusive: Municipalism 101: Fearless Cities 2018


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Across the world, renters in cities are being pushed out of neighborhoods because landlords and homeowners can make more money temporarily renting out their spaces to tourists.

In 2014 thousands of people took to the streets of BCN to protest Air Bnb. Four years later with Barcelona en Comú represented in City Council the city has successfully passed legislation to limit Air BnB and lay some ground rules for tourist development.

What can be learned from the Barcelona example? What strategies do we use to re-articulate that the city is a shared space for living and not for speculative and extractive economics?

Barcelona en Comú is a part of a network of municipalist movements that calls themselves Fearless Cities. Today, on the LF Show, we will hear from people building these fearless institutions and movements with guests Debbie Bookchin, Rodrigo Cornejo, Kali Akuno, and Gala Pin.

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