LL 126: How to Heal Your Life w/ Medical Intuitive Rachel Reimer


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You’re probably carrying around more garbage than you realize. If you’re angry, resentful, or holding a grudge, all of those emotions are not only weighing on mental health – they’re taking a physical toll on your body.

Rachel Reimer’s on the show to talk about her work as a medical intuitive, the different forms of forgiveness, and why it’s so essential for you to work through your traumas and heal your life.

Rachel also performed a live reading on me! We went deep into personal issues I rarely talk about publicly, unpacking my subconscious need to work hard & the grudges I hold in my own life.

In this episode we explore:

  • 1:42 – What medical intuition is + How Rachel discovered she could “see” more than the average eye
  • 8:25 – Head forgiveness vs. Heart forgiveness: Why you need to let go of your grudges ASAP
  • 11:28 – An medical intuitive’s take on allergies, children, disabilities, and “soul contracts”
  • 19:27 – A new way to look at symptoms: How much garbage are you carrying around?
  • 26:32 – LIVE READING: Exploring my family history, abandonment issues & feeling not good enough
  • 39:56 – Rachel’s dream life, book recommendation, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life


Show notes:


  • We never have control over our external circumstances, but we have control over the way that we view them.
  • A symptom is the last sign that something’s wrong.
  • If we’re constantly choosing to cover up our symptoms, we’re constantly reinforcing that we’re not dealing with our problems.
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