EP 25 - Can Social Media Be Private and Safe? It Might Be With Frienedy.


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Safety and security on social media. Usually, we don't think about it until it's too late. We create an account on the most popular social media platforms, start typing away and posting pictures, and never think about who can see what.

It's not until something scary or dangerous happens that we take a step back, and start panicking. When our children or teens encounter a dangerous episode online, we become even more concerned.

Introducing Frienedy

In this episode of The Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast and COPS on BLAB, we speak with Janel Patterson, the CEO and co-founder of the new social media platform, Frienedy.

Frienedy allows people to invite their friends, family members, sports team members, project members, co-workers - you name it, into groups created on Frienedy.

So go ahead and post the pictures of summer vacation with the kids in the family group, without worrying about people at work seeing what you do on your private time. After you're done with that, head over to your child's 5th grade classroom group and check in to see what assignments your child's teacher has issued for homework this weekend. And again, no one can see the classroom's group except the teacher and current parents.

These are just a couple examples of how you can use Frienedy. However, the greatest part of the platform is the ability to create accounts for your young children, so that you can teach them how to use social media safely.

Social Media and Kids - You're In The Driver's Seat

With Frienedy, you can now teach your children how to use social media - the right way. For the first time, you'll be able to show them the correct way to post something. From making sure the words they use don't offend someone to ensuring they don't constantly post negative content which might offend people.

As a parent, you'll me able to monitor your child's conversation, without embarrassing them or making it seem like you don't trust them. If you do see your child post something inappropriate, you can now have a healthy conversation about it offline, and before they learn bad habits.

Safeguard Their Future

With Frienedy, what your child posts today, stays within the platform. The posts do not get indexed by any of the search engines, thus making those comments and pictures, private and secure.

Since employers and colleges are scanning social media for information about prospective candidates and future students, there is no better time than when a child is young to start creating a great, positive, digital resume through good use of social media.

If you want to learn more, visit their website at Frienedy.com

What To Teach A Child About Social Media

There are many topics to teach when we speak about teaching social media to children. These are the things many of us weren't taught, and had to learn the hard way.

Because of the depth of these topics, they each deserve their own article or session on our podcast or BLAB. However, we'll give you some topics to get you started:

  • Digital Literacy - What are authentic websites, who are the people putting information out on the web, is it fact or fiction?
  • Digital Ethics - Stealing other people's work, like photos, videos and music, for their own use, without payment or permission
  • Digital Student Conduct - Cheating on exams by using smart technology, videos and photos, plagiarism, online conduct towards school rules
  • Cyberbullying - What it is, how to recognize it, and how to handle it, both as a friend of a victim, or a victim of it themselves
  • Online Sexual Solicitation - What it is and how to handle it, knowing who to talk to about it, and why they should not solicit it themselves
  • Online Privacy - How to keep their identities, photos and videos safe and secure
  • Digital Security and Safety - How to safely and properly use an electronic device, both on the web and off the web
  • Digital Resume - Creating a great persona online which speaks volume to their character, ethics, education and qualities
Resources To Get You Started

Along with our website, podcast and Blab show, there are other great resources to help parents and students learn about social media safety and security.

About Janel Patterson

Pursuant to a degree in International Business from Illinois Wesleyan University and a 20-year career in corporate sales and management, Janel Patterson chose to leave the corporate world behind to co-found Frienedy.comafter a personal experience with her daughter on social media.

Janel set out on a mission to create a safe, COPPA compliant, site that would accomplish two objectives: give parents a way to introduce their children to social media on their terms in a safe place, and create a whole new way to help families, classrooms, sports teams, and groups of all types connect and collaborate privately in a single application.

Three and a half years of development later, Janel and her team launched investor- backed www.frienedy.com in April 2015. Janel is also the founder of the parenting blog,www.electronicparenting.com, and speaks regularly to schools (both students and faculty), parent groups, and businesses about creating a positive digital presence and staying safe online.

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