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On this episode of the show, we welcome Mike back. Mike was busy with his son who was playing baseball over the past several weeks. Mike is happy to be back and didn’t skip a beat as we talked about Facebook Live.

Facebook Live

In January of 2015 Facebook released live streaming on a slow roll out to make sure they were releasing a good product. It was first rolled out to celebrities and special pages. It has since been released to everyone. You can even live stream in a Facebook group.

How can you use if at your police agency?

Mike recently used it during National Telecommunicators Week and interviewed his Communications Supervisor and dispatchers in the Communications center at Azusa Police Department. It can be used to live stream a major incident to get information out to your community. The fire department can use it for the same. They can use it to get information out regarding an incident that is taking place in their city. It can be used to tell your community of an area that may be closed due to an accident or another incident.

Tips and Tricks

Connect your phone to a tripod, iographer or other stabilizing device to make sure you record a stabilized video. We love all the products at Arkon Mounts. To get 10% off your purchase, use coupon code iDigitalCop. No matter what you use, just make sure you have a stabilizing device for a great video. Good lighting is very important as well, it's just as imperative as good audio. Mike and I both like the LED lights from Manfrotto.

When live streaming, it's not uncommon for your stream to drop or disconnect. To make sure you do not get kicked off your stream, turn your phone or tablets “airplane mode” and then enable your wifi. This will still allow you to connect to the internet and ensure that you do not receive any unnecessary phone calls, text messages or app notifications.

Look at the "digital eyeball,” as Brian Fanzo says. In other words, make sure you are looking into the lens, your audience is just through that “digital eyeball."

One of the biggest issues some people have when going live for the first time is pressing the record button. Don't be afraid, hit the button and just go live! With a little practice, it will become a lot easier. It's also important to remember that If you are nervous, your interviewees are going to be nervous as well if they think you are recording live video. Don’t tell them that you are live streaming, just tell them you are recording video. This will help put them at ease.

Lastly, it’s important that you have an external battery as well. Live streaming will drain your device’s battery pretty quick. External batteries are relatively inexpensive and will hold a charge for hours.

Have fun with live streaming and remember… Don’t be afraid to hit the record button.

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