Snapchat Series: Getting Started For Law Enforcement (Episode 52)


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In this episode of the Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast, Mike and I talk about how to get started with Snapchat with your agency. Snapchat What's the latest?
  • 100 mill daily users
  • 60% users contributing daily content
  • 9000 snaps per second
  • Daily video views 10 billion
  • 73% are millennials
  • 77% are college students
  • Value $16 billion
Why do we need it?
  • 73% users are mill 77% college students
  • You don’t use yesterday's tools to reach audience
  • Easily humanizes the brands: #1 is you and #2 is your department
The Power of The Story
  • Catalog events
  • Requires disciplined attention and focus
  • For the users, allows for easy download of what happened.
  • It's real- not rehearsed, scripted, photo-shopped.
Involving The Community
  • Have people participate
  • Show engagement with the community
  • Un-scripted
Updating With News
  • Current department news
  • Upcoming events
  • Holiday and Special Dates
Virtual Tours
  • Show non-confidential locations
  • Spark interest in careers
Special behind the Scenes
  • Give something they can’t get elsewhere
  • Show the relationship between law enforcement officers and others
Other Ideas and Thoughts
  • Ability for people to ask a question without harm or trolls, haters, self-bolstering; then answer for the benefit of all
  • Virtual ridealongs, mini messages and steer towards other sources like FB live or Periscope for longer explanation
  • Force people to pay attention to your story; if they don’t watch today they might miss something
  • Employee representation of the department; advocates
  • Can you engage applicants by showing what your department is like on a day-to-day basis?
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