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Twitter has pulled the firehose or their feed from at least one tool used by law enforcement, GeoFeedia. This stems from a complaint filed by the ACLU. An article was written by a Nicole Ozer, the Technology & Civil Liberties Policy Director of the ACLU in Northern California. Her article is titled, Agencies are using spying software to conduct digital surveillance. The purpose for her article was to call for community control in decision-making around policing.

She cited that Fresno PD was using a piece of software to identify threats to public safety by monitoring hashtags such as BlackLivesMatter, DontShoot, ImUnarmed, Police Brutality and ItsTimeForChange

They requested records from 63 law enforcement agencies and found that 20 of them were using social media networking surveillance tools.

They didn’t find that the use of the software was put up for vote, debate, community input or any public notice about the use of the software. She attempts to persuade the reader that the purpose for the surveillance is racially motivated.

Periscope Producer

Twitter has answered the call when it comes to products like Facebook Live

Slowly rolling out Periscope Producer, which allows creators to stream to a special URL using desktop streaming software and various cameras

You won’t notice anything really on the viewing end, other than the creator will be able to put overlay graphics on the screen, take Skype call-ins and show sponsorship reels.

Upcoming Training

We are teaching an Introduction to Law Enforcement Social Media class on Thursday, October 20th in Santa Ana, California and we will also be in Fontana, California on November 3rd. You can learn more about our upcoming classes by visiting

If you would like training for your agency, reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter, or our website and we’ll be happy to get your agency trained up on topics ranging from learning the basics of law enforcement social media to how to create awesome videos for public service announcements to advanced social media trips.

User Generated Content - What Is It?

Content which is provided by your community



Tips, information

Why Use It?

It helps with the 70%, 15%, 15% rule

70 - Content your community is interested in

15 - Content regarding the profession

15 - Content about your organization

Solicits engagement from your community and gets them involved

Draws more followers since they have an opportunity to be part of your page

Helps you keep your page fresh with different content

How to get the content

Have it sent to you via private messenger on Facebook

Set-up a dropbox file and send the community or individual the link

Simply drag content

Share link or send via email or social media

Link will stay good for 3 days

User simply opens email and clicks on media

You can create various canvases, but max single file is 5GB

Ideas for content


Have families create a 10 second Halloween or Christmas safety video tip. Stitch these videos together to create a PSA

Have families submit photos of their Christmas lights or decorations

Have local bars and tavern owners do a quick 10-second video message about using designated drivers

Traffic Safety

Kids and teens can create their own safety tip videos or pictures

Wearing helmets

Wearing seatbelts

Crossing the street

Distracted driving

General Safety

Walking at night

Locking your residence

Locking your vehicle

Shredding personal information

Online safety

If you are including businesses, make sure to open your request up to everyone. Don’t show favoritism.

Have clear explanations and instructions somewhere on your social media platforms or website, review all video in its entirety prior to posting or editing


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