Biden departs on first overseas trip as president Wednesday; Emails show scope of Trump, Giuliani pressure campaigns in AZ; VP Harris makes first international trip to Guatemala; Critical bridges, roads, tunnels crumbling across U.S.; Pace of vaccinations


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Biden faces huge tests on infrastructure, allies abroad; Biden, GOP billions of dollars apart on infrastructure; Progressives lose patience with Biden & GOP talks; Manchin tanks Dems’ hopes of passing sweeping election reform bill; Manchin: partisan voting bills will “destroy” our democracy; Manchin vows to block Dems’ election reform, preserve filibuster; Progressives lash out at Manchin for opposing Dem election bill;

DOJ: U.S. recovers millions in cryptocurrency paid to hackers in Colonial Pipeline cyberattack;

Emails show Trump & Giuliani repeatedly contacted Arizona GOP leader who allowed bogus audit to start; Trump baselessly calls 2020 election “crime of the century”; Cheney: Trump’s election lies are “dangerous and damaging”; Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows pushed justice dept, to investigate baseless election fraud claims; Georgia’s republican governor booed by his own party; GOP lawyer: “state election officials are under attack”; Former RNC counsel blasts republican-led states for new laws targeting local election officials;

Violence erupts in Mexico ahead of midterm elections; Nearly 100 people assassinated related to Mexico’s elections;

American society of civil engineers: 46K bridges across U.S. in “poor” condition or “structurally deficient”; Memphis trucker says 30 min trip takes 3 hours because of I-40 Memphis bridge crack;

Mississippi Gov: “very, very, very” little virus in our state, vaccination rates rank among lowest in nation; TSA: 1.9 million travelers Sunday marks busiest day since start of pandemic; NYC announces “homecoming” concert set for August; Study: risk of infection drops 51% after first dose of Pfizer vaccine, best protection after second dose;

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