Biden: I think we can get to 1.5 million doses per day; Trump plotted to install loyalist as acting AG to overturn election; Moderna expects vaccine to protect against highly-contagious variants;


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Biden pledges to “eliminate the vitriol”; President Biden announces plan to strengthen manufacturing in U.S.; Biden: I think we will be able to vaccine 1.5 million people per day;

Senate impeachment trial to begin in two weeks; Sources: Trump wanted to replace acting AG with lawyer who would tell GA officials to halt Biden win certification; Ohio GOP Sen. Portman wont seek re-election in 2022; Pro-trump GOP mobilizing against Rep. Cheney for impeachment vote; 17 GOP senators would have to join Dems to convict Trump; Republicans call for Rep. Swalwell to step down form intel committee after being targeted by alleged Chinese spy; Election tech company sues Trump attorney Giuliani for $1.3 billion over spreading conspiracy theories; Dominion lawyer on suing Trump: “not ruling anybody out”;

CDC director: “I can’t tell you how much vaccine we have”; Surgeon gen. nominee: 100M doses in 100 days is not a ceiling; CDC: 41M vaccines distributed, 21M administered, 0.97% of U.S. population fully vaccinated; U.S. averages more than 3K COVID deaths daily, new cases and hospitalizations rates down; Mayor De Blasio: NYC “urgently” needs more vaccine supply; AZ GOP censures Flake, Ducey & McCain as party tensions rise; GOP in turmoil as Trump, insurrection & election lies tear party apart;

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