Biden: “No national shutdown”; CDC recommends against travel for Thanksgiving; U.S. death toll surpasses 251,000 as pandemic rages; Biden: We’re witnessing “incredible irresponsibility” from Trump; Giuliani, Trump Campaign officials try to overturn electi


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Biden to meet with Schumer & Pelosi tomorrow in Delaware; Source: MI GOP Officials asked to rescind vote to certify election after personal calls from President Trump; Source: Trump told ally he knows he lost, but wants to get back at Dems for questioning legitimacy of his 2016 win; Biden, Harris speak after meeting with governors; Biden: There’s no excuse to not share data and let us plan; Biden: Not going to rule out legal action on transition; WH testing Czar on pandemic: “This will get worse”; Death toll climbs as hospitalizations hit record high; More GOP governors issue mask mandates, COVID restrictions; Wrongful death lawsuit against Tyson Foods claims supervisor organized bets on how many workers would get coronavirus;

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