Candidates amplify attacks on Sanders ahead of Nevada caucus; Long lines, tech issues plague early voting in Nevada; More than 2,000 former DOJ employees ask Barr to step down; Barr in 1991: the AG must keep the law away from politics


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Dems turn focus to Nevada with early voting under way; 26,000 Dems turn out for early voting in Nevada so far; Bernie Sanders biggest challenge in Nevada: major state union opposes "Medicare for All"; Dems criticize Bloomberg's $400 million ad spending; Nevada volunteers, campaigns express concern over caucuses, campaign aide says they "have a lot more questions"; Ex-DOJ officials: AG Barr's actions in Roger Stone case "outrageous", he should resign; Trump campaign manager tweets pic of Air Force One in 2004 at Daytona 500 instead of Trump's visit; Soon: Bolton to make first public comments since impeachment; Short: Pres Trump is frustrated with bias of justice dept; Trump confident Roger Stone set to be sentenced this week; WH official: no change in Trump's view of Barr despite calls for AG's resignation; AL senate candidate knocks Sessions' record as AG: "he let the president down and got fired"; 300 Americans let off cruise ship face new quarantine in U.S.; 14 Americans with coronavirus arrive back in U.S. from cruise ship; CDC: 467 people in U.S. under investigation for coronavirus, not including American evacuees from Diamond Princess cruise; World Health Org: not classifying coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic; At least 140 travelers denied entry to U.S. over coronavirus travel ban; Wine prices are dropping fast; via Knit

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