FBI Director compares threat of ransomware attacks to 9/11; FBI DIR: Wray: New cyberattacks serve as warning to all Americans; Wray: “Huge portion” of cyberattacks can be traced to actors in Russia; Dan Coats in 2018: U.S. Digital Infrastructure “Under A


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Biden views cyberattacks as a “rising national security concern”; Biden to confront Putin about cyberattacks in upcoming summit; Biden wraps call with top GOP negotiator; Will talk infrastructure again on Monday; Biden faces critical moment in infrastructure negotiations; Biden uses job report to stress need for infrastructure deal; Biden: Now is the time to “seize on the economic momentum”; Pence says he “may never see eye-to-eye” with Trump about Jan. 6; Pence downplays personal horror from inside the capitol during insurrection; Facebook bans Trump until at least January 2023; NIH Director: Getting vaccinated is a donation of goodwill to vulnerable; Vaccinations fall below 1M per day for first time since Jan. ; New CDC report highlights urgent need to vaccinate teens; NIH Director: States with only 50% of their population with one shot could be “sitting ducks for the next outbreak”; GOP state lawmakers seek to ban teaching critical race theory; GA Board of Education votes to prevent teaching critical race theory

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