Florida hits single day death record from COVID-19; Utah man dies in line waiting for coronavirus test; Trump’s coronavirus approval rating hits all-time low; Trump: More white people are killed by police than black people;


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Trump in April: Cases going down, we hope to be under 100K deaths; 37 states increasing rates; 7 states flat; 6 states declining; More than 20 states pausing or suspending reopenings; Cuomo: U.S. will be “talking about” what NY did for “decades”; CDC Dir: Southern explosion in cases not because of re-opening; Adm. Giroir: U.S. “not there yet” but light at the end of this tunnel; Sen. Graham defends Fauci, says trying to undermine him “is not going to be productive”; Infectious disease experts rally behind Fauci, call campaign to undermine him “disturbing”; Source: Fauci staying on coronavirus task force despite WH attempt to discredit him; CDC Director: Most counties are in a position to reopen schools; NC schools to open for in-person and online learning in fall; Trump: Children and parents dying by keeping schools closed; Surge in cases causing long lines for tests; delays in results; Utah hospital chief warns of “unsustainable” rise in cases; Leading test lab: Surge in cases causing delays in test results averaging 7 days; Walmart considers mandatory mask rule at stores nationwide; Best Buy joins Costco, Starbucks requiring masks in stores; Coin shortage forces stores to limit payments to exact change or credit & debit cards; Trump Administration reversing policy, won’t deny intl students visas if colleges are all online; 49-year-old nurse dies after weeks-long battle with coronavirus;

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