Sources: Trump growing increasingly frustrated with Bolton; Fmr. DOJ legal chief: Democrats are missing the point; CNN reviews Buttigieg's military record in Afghanistan; NY Daily News: Trump admin defends sending $ to Brazilian company


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Congressional Gang of Eight being briefed on threat from Iran; Pres. Trump on going to war with Iran: "I hope not"; Pres. Trump makes clear he wants to talk to Iran; Klobuchar: WH saber-rattling on Iran shows lack of leadership; Fmr DOJ legal chief: Dems should shout about obstruction, not whisper about redactions; Protestors jeer as NYC mayor announces presidential run; NYC Mayor De Blasio battling 22 other Dems for nomination; Gillibrand rallies against Georgia's strict abortion law; Buttigieg reflects on his military service in Afghanistan; NY Daily News: Trump admin gave Brazil-based company $62m that was supposed to go to U.S. farmers hit by trade war; NY Daily News: Trump admin defends sending $ to Brazilian company; Trump's trade war threatens jobs in U.S. economy; Trump barely hides political motives behind pardons via Knit

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