Special Edition: At least 14 states pause or suspend reopening plans; Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion law; WH: “no consensus” in intel community on Russian bounty report;


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46 states increase or flat in new cases, just 4 states declining; U.S. death toll tops 125,000 as cases continue to surge; CA Gov: state seeing 45% rise in positive tests over last week; Florida leads U.S. in new coronavirus cases; South Florida beaches to close July 4 weekend; Jacksonville mandates masks ahead of GOP convention; Arizona hospitals at nearly 90% capacity as cases surge; Arizona reports largest one day increase in cases amid surge; W.H.O. the pandemic “is not even close to being over”;

Fauci: lack of masks, distancing are “recipe for disaster”; Fauci: Americans not wearing masks or distancing fueling surge; Shortage of contact tracers in states with cases spiking; Fauci on contact tracing: “I don’t think we’re doing very well”; Fauci: vaccine unlikely to get U.S. to herd immunity level; HHS secy: “window is closing” to get virus “under control”;

Officers charged in George Floyd’s killing appear in court, trial date set; Chief Justice Roberts sides with liberal justices to block Louisiana abortion law; White House: Supreme Court abortion ruling “unfortunate”, devalues health of mother and lives of unborn children; Chief Justice Roberts has now sided with liberal justices on abortion law, immigration and LGBTQ cases

Bipartisan congressional leaders demand answers from WH on Russian bounty intel; 8 GOP lawmakers briefed at WH on Russian bounties intel; Pelosi demands intel briefing on Russian bounty reports; Source: Dems to be briefed tomorrow on Russia bounty intel; Source: Russian intel officers offered money to Taliban fighters to kill U.S., UK troops in Afghanistan; Trump denies being briefed on Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops; Sources: U.S. shared Russian bounty intel with UK last week; Trump admin asks supreme court to overturn affordable care act;

5,000+ people a day being admitted to Texas hospitals; Houston mayor asks Gov. for a new “stay at home” order; Inside look at how jail hotspot is now protecting detainees; After massive early outbreak, Cook County Jail tries to keep COVID case count low; Mississippi lawmakers vote to remove confederate symbol in state flag; Mississippi becomes last state to remove any confederate symbolism in state flag; Family of confederate leader: put Mississippi’s confederate state flag in a museum; Officers hit “breaking point,” retire amid rising tension; Major U.S. cities se uptick in violence amid calls to defund police;

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