Top doctor: U.S. in “free fall” as pandemic accelerates; Coronavirus test results lagging as demand surges; Trump says he will “put pressure on governors” to reopen schools; Trump’s niece slams his character in new book obtained by CNN; Florida still not


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Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19 after months of downplaying and dismissing the virus; TX Gov. Abott warns Texas of “greater fatalities” in coming weeks; Miami Dade Co. hospitalizations up 90%, 86% of ICU beds filled; Florida orders schools to reopen despite coronavirus surge; San Francisco cases up 25%, indoor dining postponed; Trump’s niece: He paid someone to take SAT test for him; Trump’s niece: His “hubris and willful ignorance” threaten the U.S.; Trump to travel to coronavirus hotspot Florida on Friday but plans to focus on drug trafficking; Trump falsely claims U.S. has lowest mortality rate; Gov. DeSantis: Young people aren’t working with contact tracers; Even after recovery, CNN anchor still feels fatigue, coughs; Studies find COVID-19 can infect lungs, brain & other organs; Novadax Covid vaccine gets $1.6 billion from Fed Govt; Regeneron signs $450 million deal with govt for Covid therapy; Fauci: I don’t expect a federal mandate of Covid vaccine;

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