Trump & Biden prepare for last big chance to make their pitch; Feds: Iran & Russia interfered in 2020 election; U.S. reports 1,000+ daily deaths for first time in over a month; Republicans pave way for full Senate vote Monday on Trump’s Supreme Court nomi


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Tonight: Trump & Biden face off in final presidential debate; Trump advisers plead for president to take less combative approach; Trump says he “may” change strategy from last debate; WH: Trump tests negative for COVID-19 ahead of final debate; Campaign: Biden will appeal directly to voters, say we can get through this crisis together; Biden on tonight’s debate: Hopefully Trump plays “by the rules”; Biden preparing for Trump to attack his son Hunter; Biden punts on expanding Supreme Court, says he will create a bipartisan group to study the idea; Report: Faulty U.S. COVID-19 response led to between 130,000 and 210,000 avoidable deaths; Hospitalization rate rising as 31 states see increase in cases; Remdesivir receives FDA approval to treat hospitalized patients; Chris Christie: I was wrong, I should have worn a mask; Republicans advance Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett despite boycott from Democrats; Republican Sen. Murkowski won’t commit to vote in favor of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee next week; Speaker Pelosi does not rule out stimulus deal before election day, says “it’s close”; Sen. Appropriations Chair on stimulus: “A lot of talk, no action”; Concerns of in-person voter intimidation; “Fun… Joyous” family man dies after three weeks in hospital;

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