U.S. announces sanctions for Saudis involved in Khashoggi murder, except Crown Prince; Senate ruling: $15 minimum wage can’t be included in bill; WH faces backlash from Dems after Biden ordered Syria strikes without Congressional approval; CPAC’s conserva


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U.S. Intel Report: Saudi Crown Prince approved operation to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi; U.S. Intel Report: Saudi crown price viewed Khashoggi as a threat and supported using violence to silence him; U.S. publicly asserts Saudi Crown Prince ordered Khashoggi murder, but imposes no penalties to him; Tonight: House votes on Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill; Senate ruling on minimum wage hike provokes progressive anger; Several GOP lawmakers claim they can’t attend votes due to “public health emergency;” They’re scheduled to be at CPAC; Soon: FDA cmte to vote on Johnson & Johnson vaccine, could be in arms as soon as next week if approved; U.S. carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militias; First military action of Biden presidency; Soon: Biden to speak as Texas recovers from power & water crisis; Biden visits emergency crews & volunteers in Texas after winter storm left millions without power, water; Trump plans to resurrect false claims in CPAC speech; GOP Presidential hopefuls overshadowed by Trump; McConnell would “absolutely” support Trump as 2024 nominee; CPAC spotlight on cancel culture, religious freedom, the big lie, and downplaying insurrection; Comedian Jon Stewart: U.S. has endless funds to wage war, but no funds for the consequences; Remembering 65-year-old Richard Garrett;

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